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MadSam Studios is the place where passion, creativity and expertise intersect. We exist to make your music sound and feel the best that it possibly can.

Audio Mixing | MadSam Studios

Audio Mixing

Audio Recording | MadSam Studios

Audio Recording

Audio Production

Audio Mixing, Recording and Production | MadSam Studios
Audio Mixing, Recording and Production | MadSam Studios
Audio Mixing, Recording and Production | MadSam Studios
Audio Mixing, Recording and Production | MadSam Studios

Do You Ever Ask Yourself These Questions?

“How do I get my music to sound as good as what I hear on the radio?”

“How do I get my songs recorded when I don’t have the right tools or the expertise?”

“How do I translate my song ideas into complete, radio ready productions?”


If any of this sounds familiar, we can help. Here at MadSam Studios we provide world-class audio mixing, recording and production services. Wherever you want to go with your music, we can help you get there.

Our team thrives on developing one on one relationships with passionate artists, producers and songwriters to help them get the absolute best out of their music. Let us prove to you that we can help you achieve major label results at rates independent artists and producers can afford.

What We Offer

Audio Mixing

In a world where it’s easier than ever to record your music anywhere, it’s critical to enlist the services of a professional mixing engineer. Someone with the experience, skills, tools and taste to craft a killer mix that highlights all the best qualities of your music. This is your art and we thrive on making it sound incredible and ready to compete with the quality of music heard on the radio every day.

Audio Recording

We want your recording experience at MadSam Studios to be life changing. We will work tirelessly to help you discover and craft your sound into something that is uniquely you. Creating music is a very personal process and we want to build the kind of relationships that inspire and fuel the creative spirit. We care about your art and will partner with you every step of the way to help you achieve your vision.

Audio Production

Whether you’re a songwriter/artist that needs help creating and recording parts for your latest work of art or you’re a creative that needs original content for your next project, we’re hear to help. With decades of experience as songwriters, producers and recording musicians, we have developed the skills and a network of incredible musicians to help provide the right players and the right content for your next project.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We sent our album’s first track to several engineers and Jeff’s mix blew all of them away. Jeff has a great ear and sensibility, and is super professional and accommodating. He did a great job understanding our vision and giving the expert input we needed for a great album. And all of this was very affordable compared to other engineers. We’ve recommended MadSam Studios to several other acts already, and we’d encourage anyone to reach out to them before the studio is booked solid."

Christina Bernard

Recording Artist, Starlight Girls

“These mixes were great! They really felt very good to me. I had to do very little across the board”

Brad Blackwood

Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer, Euphonic Masters

"STUNNING!!!!  WONDERFUL FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much for making this music come to life!!! I so appreciate you and your amazing talents!"

Kerry Clark

Recording Artist, Kerry Clark Music

"Our song "Kite" went from being hardly usable to an outstanding track.  Surpassed other mixes in every way - clarity, excitement, entertainment value.  It was a great pleasure working with MadSam Studios and I hope we will again in the future!"

Joe Hedges

Recording Artist, July For Kings

"It's absolutely PERFECT. You guys nailed it! Thank you for doing such a fantastic job on the video, especially given the crazy deadline. The video was posted to my site yesterday and the response has been outstanding. I've received many comments specifically about the excellence of the sound design. It adds so much to the experience. I would definitely love to work on another project with you guys."

Dan Stevers

Artist, Dan Stevers

Just listened to the final mixes and cannot believe how incredible they all turned out! I'm blown away and at a loss for words...

Lauren Miller

Recording Artist

Recent Work

MadSam Studios Demo Reel

by Featured Artists: Marc Martel, Starlight Girls, July For Kings, Blakeley, The Science Class, CedarCreek Worship | All songs mixed by Jeff Harris

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Located near Toledo, Ohio, MadSam Studios is one of the finest recording and mixing studios in Northwest Ohio. Whatever your audio mixing, recording or production needs may be, no matter where you are in the world, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We will do everything we can to help you realize your musical vision and achieve your artistic goals. Let’s talk!